Ali Saoud Al-Shahrani, Head of Government Relations & Immigration

As a Qatari National, it gives me great pleasure to be a part of an organisation that contributes to the development of my country. Working at the shipyard has allowed me to witness the first steps Qatar is taking to establish a marine industry.

I work with respectful colleagues who come from a range of backgrounds and I am honoured to welcome them into my country. I value my job at NDSQ as I am exposed to new activities and cultures every day and this has been a great learning experience for me.

I feel supported and valued as an NDSQ employee and proud to be at the forefront of such an exciting industry.

Rashid Hamad MR Odaiba, Outfitting Coordinator

It is a great experience to work with NDSQ. Being a qualified Marine Mechanical Engineer with a rich experience in marine industry, I strongly feel that NDSQ is a great and unique place to work.The company trusts my capabilities and gives me a lot of freedom and responsibilities. My role is an ongoing challenge, which keeps my job inspiring.

The people whom I work with are really skilled and talented, and from a multicultural background. This experience is truly valuable and gives me a global mindset. The learning and development opportunities are amazing at NDSQ and it gives me great confidence in taking up higher responsibilities in the future.

I am inspired by the vision of my company. Through NDSQ, I believe I carry the torch of the national vision.

Baji Karim, Project Manager

Working at NDSQ as a Project Manager is an exciting, challenging and wide-ranging role. It's my job to ensure for NDSQ's customers that their vessels are delivered on time, thatwe are building vessels of the highest quality complying global standards and adhering to contract specification, and that our products are competitively priced.Since we started operations in 2010, NDSQ has developed a reputation for excellent client relations and my work has contributed to this achievement.

My colleagues are professionals from around the world and it's great to share in the wealth of experience and knowledge that this mix of people can bring to our projects. The combination of their expertise and the most modern facilities in the shipyard help us to produce world-class vessels to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

We also work with excellent sub-contractors based here in Qatar. With the assistance of these strong companies, NDSQ is helping advance and promote Qatar's marine industry, attracting international interest.

I find my job satisfying not only because we're building marine vessels using the latest technology, but because we arealso creating a long-term future for shipbuilding in Qatar.

Mahmoud Al Khalifa, HSSE Manager

Working at an organisation like NDSQ gives me great pleasure and pride. The ability to work at a brand new state-of-the-art shipyard with a respectful and friendly working environment has been a great learning experience for me.

At NDSQ, we believe in and work by the saying:"Teamwork is the Key to Safety and to Every Success." In the workplace, we aim to stay safe and look out for each other as much as possible, and this is easily done as our work facility is well maintained, clean and tidy.

As an NDSQ employee, I feel safe and secure in the knowing that I am working for a world-class organisation where I am able to learn new things everyday on site and from my colleagues.

Management at NDSQ is supportive at all levels, allowing for the on-going training and development of employees and continually working to ensure that the safety and well-being of all employees is the top priority.