Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar (NDSQ) manufactures vessels using Damen's proven shipbuilding designs and incorporating Damen's industry-leading standards for quality in all aspects of the manufacturing process. Damen's unique shipbuilding concept is based on what our customers want:
the best quality
proven designs
short delivery times
low maintenance
excellent resale value.
The result is a work method with the perfect balance between standardization and custom-built vessels. And of
course we offer a broad range of customer services.
All ship construction and outfitting activities are carried out under cover in halls. This provides an optimal working
environment that allows NDSQ to deliver first-class quality. The yard has access to extensive steel- and pipework
facilities as well as blasting and painting shops.
NDSQ works with the world's most renowned marine equipment suppliers and co-makers for the supply and
installation of key systems onboard the vessels.
NDSQ is a ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified for all aspects of its operations.
As NDSQ's operations successfully grow, our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) methods and systems
will be continuously reviewed. But the core message of our safety culture will not change: no matter how important
or urgent the task, safety always comes first.