Safety Policy Statement
Quality, Occupational Health,
Safety, Security & Environment
'To strive for continuous Development and Improvement during the Ship
Construction, Refit of Yachts and After Sales Services to meet Customers'
Expectations with a strong focus on Quality, Occupational Health, Safety,
Security and Environment'
Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar Ltd. Management will provide all resources necessary to implement and improve the Integrated Management system and will apply the following principles for all activities to be performed.
To carry out all its work in a way that provides a healthy work environment, safe working practices and prevent injury, ill health and environmental pollution as a result of the activity for which the company is responsible,
To continuously search for ways to improve the Quality of the product,
The overall responsibility for Quality, Occupational Health, Safety, Security & Environment rests at the highest level, however, all individual employees have an important responsibility towards this and are encouraged to actively participate in carrying out this policy,
Appropriate training, supervision and information are provided to encourage and enable the aforementioned participation,
NDSQ will enhance its relation with suppliers and continuously assist to improve their performance
Identify risks and impacts for the activities taking place on the company premises
Regular inspection and monitoring of the activities is undertaken and incidents are investigated promptly so that appropriate action is taken to prevent recurrence,
To comply with all applicable legal and other requirements with regard to Quality, Occupational Health, Safety, Security & Environment at the Shipyard Facility,
NDSQ has committed to set IMS objectives and to review them regularly during the Management Review,
No task is so important, nor so urgent, that we cannot take the time to do it safely without jeopardizing the environment.
Rino Brugge
Managing Director
Date of Issue: 20 January 2015