Internship at NDSQ
NDSQ welcomes and encourages Qatari students to join our company for a period of internship. Our aim is to
help young Qataris to develop a passion for the marine industry, so that these young people can go onto help their
country's maritime activities growth and flourish.
All our interns will receive systematic training, which will help them to understand the various roles and activities
at NDSQ, ranging from Project Management to Ship Commissioning. By engaging in an internship at NDSQ, Qatari
students will also be able to gain hands-on industry experience during the course of their studies.
An internship at NDSQ will enhance your employability and help you to develop the right skills needed to take
up rewarding and challenging roles in future. Contact NDSQ's HR department for more details at

If you're interested / If you'd like to join us / If you think you've got what it takes, send your CV to