Health, Safety, Security and Environment
Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSE) are top priorities at NDSQ. We all want to stay healthy and safe for our families. In order to do so, we need to create a culture of safety at our yard. NDSQ is following national and international safety laws, but we always aim to rise above the minimum requirements of the HSSE. We always strive to identify potential hazards & impacts and implement control measures to prevent, eliminate or reduce Health and Safety risks and Environmental impacts as much as reasonably practicable.
A strong Health, Safety, Security & Environment culture exists within NDSQ, driven by understanding and ownership of personal and collective safety. This is led by a dedicated and pro-active management team who maintains the highest levels of visibility within our workplace.
The safety instruction, training, information and supervision NDSQ provides to all its employees are all about reducing risks. NDSQ wants to create the safest possible work environment for its employees, sub-contractors and everybody that enters its workplace by creating awareness of potential hazards and preventing accidents before they happen.
Health and Safety